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Response Format

<message> <code>0</code> <text>OK</text> <version>1.0</version> </message> <response> The AML data... </response>

Respose Codes

Code Message Description
0 OK Indicates the request completed without errors.
1 Server Error Indicates that a system error occurred and that the request was unable to be processed.
2 Invalid Key Returned when an invalid Key and Secret is supplied with the API request.
3 Missing Key Indicates that the required Key and Secret parameter was not supplied with the request.
4 API not available Indicates that the Acehopper API is currently not available.
5 Did not understand request Indicates an invalid API request was sent
6 Bad parameter format The parameter provided in the request is in wrong format.
100 Invalid return limit Indicates that the return limit is invalid. Default is 10. Minimum value is 1 and maximum value is 20.
101 Invalid distance limit Indicates that the distance limit is invalid. Default is 50. Minimum value is 1 and maximum value is 100.